Thursday, 29 March 2018

some Things You should Consider Before buying a Mobile Phone

This also plays a major role in giving you what you really want. A phone with 2 GB RAM will be smarter (i.e. faster) than that with 1 GB or 512mb RAM. The RAM holds the instructions which your apps (flash share, PES, Picmix etc) follow in order to execute or run. Imagine a situation in which you have minimized 12 apps and you are frequently going through them.
The ability of your phone to hold all those apps depend on your RAM size and your processor earlier mentioned so be wise when selecting. Also there are phones that comes with large inbuilt memory which you can store files without using an external SD card.
This is a very vital aspect of any phone because this alone determines if you will be able to make the best use of your phone. Let’s be realistic here, if we are about travelling on a plane and we are faced with two choices of airplane, one of it can take you to your destination within 30 minutes while the other can transport you within 1 hour, based on the fact that we are humans and we like things done easily without waste of time, we will likely go for the one that gets you to your destination within 30 mins.
This same choice is applicable in mobile phones. Please brothers and sisters, choose a phone that has a high processing speed, forget about the screen size, colour, aesthetics etc. The consequence for choosing a phone with low processing speed is that it will be slow and will also hang frequently.
Booting the phone will take minutes and running powerful apps will be disadvantageous. We do post reviews on phones here with their details so that you will know which to go for, so you can help yourself much by subscribing to our free newsletter or you keep visiting this blog for updates.
The durability of your phone also depends on the quality of the chassis or casing. A plastic casing has greater advantage than glass-like ones. There are phones that come with screen anti-break like 2016 Gionee models, this is an important feature to consider while making your choice because if it trips off your hand, you still stand a chance of getting it back.
It is a known fact that accessories which comes with the phone directly from the company manufacturing them are more durable than those sold separately in shops no matter how high the prices are.
Check your phone for accessories like screen guard, phone cover, charger directly from company, duration of warranty, special features or newly added features that you haven’t encountered before.
All this will help you make the right choice. When replacing any accessory, you should know that price is not directly proportional to quality.

This goes a long way to tell you the important fact about the mobile. Things to consider under specification include: camera’s sharpness (i.e. is it 5MP, 8MP, 16MP or more), operating system, network type supported (i.e. is it 3g, 4g, 2g or GSM), screen size, battery’s capacity, android version etc. the camera is important, a lot of people use their phones for taking and sharing pictures than receiving calls.
How you enjoy your phone depends on how much of this factors you take into consideration.
It is always thought that the quality of any product depends on the price; this may not always be the case as cheap products become more durable than costly one. If your chosen device meets the above requirements then you can purchase it no matter the price because I can assure you that you will get your money worth.

We all like beautiful things; I mean stuffs that others will admire by just a mere glance at it. But I will advice that aesthetics should be the last factor to consider when choosing a mobile phone and this is also the reason I kept it the last on this list.
It can be enticing but may not serve your purpose. If your phone meets the aforementioned conditions, then you are good to go because you will rock with your device.
With these factors considered, you won’t have any regrets when buying a new mobile phone. When you’ve found your desired mobile phone, go for the specifications, check the RAM size, processing speed, camera and other features you find interesting in mobile phones. This is where I end our enlightenment. If you have any question or you have your own suggestion, you can drop it on the comment box.